Events that marked our history

Our legacy springs from a leadership team of dedicated expertise that has driven our Company from a small IT service & repair station to now a flourishing global enterprise. REGENERSIS INDIA, built on a rich heritage of trusted services in the Indian frontier was formerly known as Digicomp Complete Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Going back to our history way back in 1993, the establishment took shape initially to facilitate repair and maintenance of PC Hardware based on 86/8088/80286/80386/80486 processors. Subsequently the IT training & software industry boom in 1999 became instrumental for the Company transforming into a successful partnership firm.

Persistently focusing on crucial business processes and not resting on its accolades, the Company further grew into a well-established privately owned corporate sector in the year 2001. The firm became well-known for its' best IT & Telecom services & repairs for all stages of the product lifecycle: be it for the product's aftersales warranty support, maintenance support, exchange/take-back or product recycling.

The strong portfolio and Digicomp's best-of-the-breed technology, services & statistics made way for a merger with REGENERSIS a global corporate house, in the year 2013 and then re-launched as REGENERSIS INDIA. REGENERSIS our parent Company is a strategic outsourcing partner with a strong global presence and proven skills in promoting time-honored repairs & refurbishments solutions for high value and high security devices.

Our ethics of clean-play over the years, has staged REGENERSIS INDIA as a next generation Company in the present altering market dynamics across the global economy. We are indeed the one-stop destination with global skillsets challenging the difficulties of any IT & Telecom logistic service & repair demands.