Depot Solution

Support to Repair, Engineering or Production line........ We offer perfect Depot Solutions much ahead of your expectation

REGENERSIS INDIA has the best-in-class infrastructure and expertise in component level for IT & Telecom products.  
Ever since the inception of the organization, depot repair solutions is one of the core competency for Regenersis and today it is the most-sought-after and most preferred partner-of-choice to all major global brands and OEM/ODMs for in-country depot solutions.
Regenersis acts as a bridge between the brands and their manufacturing OEM/ODM by offering:
  1. L3/L4 repairs support to complete range of IT/Telecom products.
  2. FAE/DOA/LINE support to help production lines.
  3. ECN/ECO/Engineering support.
Parts Handling: As part of depot solutions, Regenersis offers single point solutions in parts-handling to full fill the needs and demands of brands to manage service network and field support.

It includes:
  1. Import & Custom Clearance
  2. Warranty management
  3. Order fulfillment
  4. In-country logistics management
  5. RTV/Export facilitation
  6. Warehousing
Regenersis is well furnished with:
  • Best brands and breed repair equipment such as BGA & Rework Machines, Test & Measuring instruments and X-RAY machines.
  • ROHS compliant Repair lines, Equipment and Parts management.
  • Optimized & certified process and quality systems surpassing industry standards.
  • Most innovative reverse engineering team to manage Out-of-warranty and Legacy / EOP products.
  • Talent pool and skills to repair complete range of IT & Telecom products.
  • Best practices and certifications in line to ISO,5S , IPC, Six Sigma, Lean and Kaizen.
  • Technical innovation and automation to enhance Quality, Reduce Cost and Improve Efficiency.