Employee testimonials

Our Employees Speak Up

"Taking a job with Regenersis India has been one of the best decisions I have ever made in my career. Our work environment is collaborative and team-oriented, and I feel empowered to share my ideas with anyone in the company. Regenersis has a great company culture. I enjoy coming to work at Regenersis every day!"

"Team spirit and an emphasis on work and initiative: this what employees experience on a daily basis. Regenersis is a place where people love their work"

Haritha J
Assistant Manager HR

In the 4 years I' have been at Regenersis, The collaborative environment at Regenersis has made it very exciting to gain granular understanding of the IT Service and Sales industry. I have had a lot of opportunities to learn about new technologies and build my experience.

Regenersis is a successful, competitive, and rising company, It has unlimited potential for future development. Our team is very friendly, vital, and strong. I'm making contributions every day, and my work can really change people's lives."Through exposure to existing customers and leveraging relationships with existing Clients, it is very apparent that Regenersis is a company that can be nimble as we bring products to market. Working in this type of environment is rewarding, never mundane. Regenersis is a terrific company and a great place to work."


Learning and innovation are supported with processes and resources. Family and personal time are highly respected. Employees are encouraged to move for career advancement. My group really cares about working efficiency. We are encouraged to adjust and look for the most suitable methods of doing things.

Am proud to be working with colleagues who have unmatched experience and integrity Am a recent employee, company offered me an opportunity to prove myself and achieve my personal goals. I feel privileged by the support I have received from my colleagues and team members towards sailing through professional challenges and I now feel confident that I can accomplish the targets.

Sathish. KS
Senior Manager – Procurement & Supply Chain

"I began working at Regenersis in 2004. At the time, I began with Co-ordination Job for Samsung ASP with a small family of some 8 – 10 technicians.

I can speak from my experiences as a Procurement Manager, Even as part of a global customer network, our team dynamics have remained up to the mark. Challenges and accomplishments were shared, and those close working relationships seemed vital to the company's success.

With Regenersis commitment for further development comes new opportunities for growth, reminiscent of all my earlier experiences with this company. It is amazing to see the results of that evolution. We have come a long way. I look forward to the challenge ahead".
Pradeep Sameera
Procurement Manager